Wanna Try It

If you would like to try Lawnsteel, we would be delighted to have you join us. We’ll lend you tuned ammunition, a tuned handgun for the game, and coach you through protocol. We guarantee that you’ll have a fun time, and want to join us again. Nearly everyone who has ever tried Lawnsteel has become virtually addicted.

The normal game includes lots of joking, civil bantering, encouragement and shooting tips. Lawnsteel is not an intensive competition type game. Rather, it’s more of a compete with yourself kind of game. We often say, if you think you are a good shot, come and try Lawnsteel.

So, come join us playing Lawnsteel! It’ll be the most fun you’ve had shooting. Unlike other steel shooting match competitions, where the shooters never have a smile on their face, and stress about every “stage” that they shoot……….. Lawnsteel is a low key, relaxed, fun game. It really is.

Most veteran Lawnsteel¬†shooters love to say, “I LOVE THIS GAME!!”