ILSA Rules

International Lawn Steel, or just LawnSteel as we call it, has a variety of versions of the game that we play.

The complete rules for the game are here:  Lawnsteel Rules (pdf file)

Please download that pdf file (735 kb) and have a casual read.

The rules are complete, and include virtually all of the versions of the game. The line judge for every game is voted by the shooters on the line, and he/she gets to decide which version of the game is played, and the type of gun used for that game.

In a nut shell, we shoot single shot pistols (small bore or big bore, defined in the rules), or revolvers (small bore or big bore, defined in the rules), while reclining in lawn chairs (zero gravity type recliners), with the gun resting on a knee, with cast lead bullets only, open iron original factory sights (no scopes or magnification of any sort), at a target field 250 feet or so away. The layout of the targets changes with every game (games last 50 minutes or sooner if all animal targets get knocked down), with some guidelines for what goes where. Often, targets are purposefully set in front of other targets on purpose. We often have a small target window (1″ X 1″) to actually aim at, depending on where you are sitting on the six person shooting line. If you think you are a good shot, come shoot a game. Heck, we’ll even lend you a tuned gun with tuned ammo.