Welcome to ILSA

International LawnSteel Shooters Association was created in 1994, by Roy Kramer, in a small shooting range in Volusia County, FL. A group of six champion (EPSC, Benchrest, Bullseye, High Power, IHMSA) shooters had gathered together to shoot steel targets, and Roy presented them with a fun game to play. They enjoyed it immensely, and Lawnsteel has grown from there.

Lawnsteel, The Game, is meant for everyone to be able to shoot it, and have fun. Lawnsteel is an extremely safe shooting game, easily shot by shooters from 8 to 88 years.

We actively shoot every Wednesday at the Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club. We also have occasional Sunday shoots, which are great for shooters who otherwise have to work during the week. Yes, a lot of the current shooters are retired, but a few who are still working manage a day off now and then, or are otherwise able to join us on Tuesdays.Arrival time is 08:30, and we start shooting by 09:00

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